Our jobs, our families and our economy depend on having our care needs met.

The services provided by care workers are crucial – from supporting our seniors and our children, to in-home care and more.

The pandemic has shown us a gap in our care systems, and has revealed a reality that we can no longer ignore: care work isn’t valued the way it should be, and many care services are hard to access, unaffordable, underfunded or privatized.

In order to meet our current and rising care needs, and ultimately ensure a more equitable and resilient care system on all fronts, we’re calling on the government to:

  • Make meaningful investments in public care services;
  • Invest in better quantity and quality of paid care work; and
  • Implement a national care strategy to train, recruit and retain workers in care sectors.

Use our tool to send a letter to your MP and help us build a future where everyone has the care they need.

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